Meixner, Alex - Stay All Night

Alex Meixner presents a variety of music throughout this CD album!

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“Stay All Night” features one of the hardest working men in polka music. Alex Meixner is well known for his musical abilities. Check out this CD with Alex Meixner!


Track Listing:


1. Alpenlade
2. Stay All Night
3. Donuts Polka
4. Teresa
5. Hände zum Himmel
6. Drunk Monkey Polka
7. The Moldau
8. Evo Banke
9. Meet Me on the Midway
10. Fiddle Faddle
11. Heut San Ma Lustig
12. Tanzende Finger
13. Livin’ Groove
14. Kimberley!
15. Left in the Dust
16. I Saw a Girl Today
17. Herz Schmerz
18. Squeezin’ Jam
19. Sondra’s Polka
20. Palesteena
21. Hoe Down
22. A Perfect Glow

Artist: Alex Meixner