Morouse - The Al Morouse Orchestra has Polka Fever!

Al Morouse with Bobby Zgonc on the Button Box Accordion!

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Al Morouse plays Cleveland Style Polkas. On this album Al Morouse is joined by Bobby Zgonc on the Button Box. Check out “Polka Fever” with Al Morouse!


Track Listing:


1. Robby’s Polka
2. Kimba’s Polka
3. Strawberry Hill Polka
4. Tammy’s Waltz
5. Olden Days Polka
6. King of Clubs Polka
7. Universal Polka
8. Jolly Time Polka
9. My Lulubelle Polka
10. Palien’s Polka
11. Mountain Call Waltz
12. In the Meadow Polka
13. SNPJ Polka
14. My Mother’s Polka
15. Meadow Lands Polka
16. Big Hanks Polka
17. 970 Polka
18. Twirling Girl Polka
19. Tommy’s Polka

Artist: Al Morouse