Naturals - The Dukes of Polkaland

Classic Polkas with the Naturals from Chicago!

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The Naturals are a polka band from Chicago. Classic Polish American Polkas are throughout this CD. Check out this CD today!

Track Listing:

1. Hey Baby Polka
2. Rooster Polka
3. Ti-Ri-It-Kum Oberek
4. Tinker Polka
5. Charm of Your Beautiful Dark Eyes
6. Modern Times Polka
7. Jolly Joe Polka
8. Get Happy Polka
9. Muddy Shoes Oberek
10. The Naturals Polka
11. Blue Mountain Polka
12. So Long Blonde Sailor
13. Jelly Bean Polka
14. Sweet Stuff Polka
15. Good Luck Polka
16. Poopsie Polka
17. Lilac Waltz
18. Pork and Beans Polka
19. Ice Cubes and Beer Polka
20. Totem Polka
21. Lots of Luck Polka
22. Knik Knak Polka
23. Why Not Hop Oberek
24. Josephine Polka
Artist: The Naturals