Neuman - Classic Polkas

Nathan Neuman Presents "Classic Polkas"!

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Nathan Neuman continues to experiment with the music and its different genres. Here is Nathan Neuman presenting a unique twist on some classic songs with a CD album entitled simply “Classic Polkas”. Check out this CD today!

Track listing:

1. Red Shoes
2. Przybyli ulani pod okienko
3. Up and Down
4. Czyja ta dziewczyna
5. Pod mostem
6. Mountain Park
7. Helena Polka
8. Jedziemy
9. W poniedzialek rano
10. Szalala
11. Swieci sloneczko
12. Pognala wolki
13. Hej hej kawalerowie
14. Flisak

Artist: Nathan Neuman