Neuman - Spelar Dragspel (Playing The Accordion)

Nathan Neuman Presents All Instrumental Scandinavian Music!

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Nathan Neuman continues to experiment with the music and its different genres. Here is Nathan Neuman presenting an All Instrumental CD entitled “Spelar Dragspel”. This is Scandinavian style music as performed on the accordion “played the old style”. Nathan Neuman did compose a couple of originals for this CD album. This is a recommended CD. Don’t Pass this CD today!

Track listing:

1. Bella Schottis
2. Styrmansvalsen
3. En Gammel Svensk Schottis
4. Graduation Polka
5. Jane’s Hambo
6. Johan Pa Snippen Schottis
7. Hasttrav Polka
8. Hugo’s Schottis
9. Ala Schottis
10. 10,000 Lakes Schottis
11. Strolling Through Stockholm
12. Livet I Finnskogarna
13. Dalbackatrallen Polka
14. Anna Eklund Schottis
15. Lindstrom and Larson Schottis
16. Charlie’s Song
17. Ut Pa Landsvagen Schottis

Artist: Nathan Neuman