Neuman - Plays The Hengel's Accordion-Tina

Nathan Neuman Plays The Hengel's Accordion-Tina!

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Talented Nathan Neuman continues to produce music. Here is the latest CD with Nathan Neuman playing the Hengel’s Accordion-Tina. This is an accordion with concertina reeds. Check out this CD today!

Track Listing:

1. Barnyard Polka
2. Mountain Excursion Polka
3. Peek A Boo Waltz
4. Country Boy Polka
5. The West A Nest and You Dear
6. White Rose Waltz
7. Bummel Petrus Polka
8. Homecoming Waltz
9. Ellen Polka
10. Chicago Waltz
11. Jumping Jack Polka
12. Dutchman’s Waltz
13. Hanswurst Polka

Artist: Nathan Neuman

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