Pecon-Trebar - A Cut Above

Members of the International Polka Music Hall of Fame®, Cleveland Style Polkas Live

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Track listing:


The Kickoff
1. Number One Polka
2. Hoyer’s Polka
3. Zip Polka


Continental Cuisine
4. Alpine Beauty Waltz
5. Chimes Waltz
6. Zhivago Waltz


A Cut Above
7. Kamnik Polka
8. Echo Polka
9. Playboy Polka


Back to Hawaii
10. Lonely Is a Man without Love
11. Bathtub Song: “Tiny Bubbles” & “Song of the Islands”
12. Medley: “Make Believe”, “Dancing on the Ceiling”, “Hold Me”, “I’m Nobody’s Baby”


Here Come the Hoyer Boys
13. Terezinka
14. Dear Boy Polka
15. Hillbilly Polka

For The Old Folks
16. Variety Waltz
17. Over Three Hills
18. Augustine Waltz


Movin’ the Ball
19. Over The Plains
20. Pigskin Polka
21. Brown’s Polka
22. Wayside Polka


A Beautiful Bouquet
23. My Tresure
24. Flower of Love
25. Roses


Take Five
26. So What’s New

Artist: Johnny Pecon & Lou Trebar