Perko - Reunited

Great Classic Cleveland-Style Polkas with Art Perko!

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Art Perko stops by at with 26 of his greatest polka and waltz hits. This CD contains over 60 minutes of music. Don’t pass Art Perko as he plays some fantastic music on this CD!

Track listing:

1. Peanuts Polka
2. 4 R's Polka
3. Rancho Grande Polka
4. Old Mill Waltz
5. Perko's Polka
6. Petie's Polka
7. Frenchie's Polka
8. Bartender’s Polka
9. Sweet Maria Polka
10. Simsic's Waltz
11. Jack on St. Clair Polka
12. Euclid Villa Polka
13. Adamic's Polka
14. It's Showtime Polka
15. Springtime in the Rockies Polka
16. The Shepherd Waltz
17. Hooterville Polka
18. Polka Punch Polka
19. Spanish Eyes Waltz
20. Quick Stop Polka
21. Magic Trumpets Polka
22. Strike up The Polka Band Polka
23. My Nancy Polka
24. Memories Remembered Waltz
25. Gornick's Polka
26. Polka Down Memory Lane
Artist: Art Perko