Polka Country Musicians - Live and Jam

Polish American Push Style Polkas with the Polka Country Musicians recorded Live-In-Person!

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The Polka Country Musicians continue pumping out quality power packed Push Style polka music. Rich & Wally Dombrowski, leaders of the Polka Country Musicians, have lived this music for decades. The heritage is event as is a contemporary edge to their sound. Don’t pass the Polka Country Musicians!

This album was recorded Live-in-Person and features the Polka Country Musicians doing what they do best!

Special guest is Larry Trojak on vocals.

Track Listing:

1. Opening Medley
2. Hey Cavalier
3. When I Hear the Music
4. Down at the Twist & Shout
5. Goral
6. Lovesick
7. Callin' Baton Rouge
8. Suicide
9. Jailbird
10. Strolling Girl Waltz
11. Haystack
12. Johnny's Troubles
13. Our Breakup
14. Stara Baba Oberek
15. Angie's
16. Sing with Me
17. Don't Flirt/Under the Bridge Medley
18. Pennsylvania Hills
19. Mountaineer's Farewell
20. People's
21. Don't Fight Girls
Artist: Polka Country Musicians