Polkatown Sound - Cutting Edge and Made To Order

Polkatown Sound plays Polish American Push Style Polkas direct from Pulaski, Wisconsin, USA!

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Direct from Pulaski the Polka Town, Wisconsin, USA comes this brand-new recording featuring two former albums now on 1 CD. Check out this CD entitled “Cutting Edge and Made to Order”. This fantastic “Blast from The Past” CD is PolkaConnection.com recommended.

Track Listing:

1. Last Word in Lonesome Is Me Polka
2. Welcome Back Polka
3. Wanda’s Polka
4. My Baby’s Knockin’ Polka
5. Only You Oberek
6. Gin and Squirt Polka
7. Look for Love Polka
8. Please Be Near Me Polka
9. Return to Me Polka
10. Bride’s Dance Polka
11. Everybody’s Reachin’ Out Polka
12. Dance Dance Dance Polka
13. Even Though Polka
14. How Married Are You Maryanne Polka
15. I’m In a Polka State of Mind Polka
16. Don’t Cross the River Polka
17. Tinker Polka
18. Forever Blue Polka
19. In the Year of 39 Polka
20. Widows by The Creek Polka
21. To All the Girls Polka
22. You’ll Always Be Mine Polka
23. Me and Julio Down by The School Yard Polka
24. I Wonder Where You Are Tonight Polka
25. Just A Memory Polka
26. Blue Blue Day Polka

Artist: Polkatown Sound