Data - Polish Song Favorites

International Polka Music Hall of Fame® Marisha Data!

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This CD contains Polish American Polkas with Marisha Data. “Polish Song Favorites” is the title of this CD. Check out this CD with Classic Polkas direct from Chicago.

Tracks include:

1. Folk Song Medley
2. Thru The Green Rye
3. My Mary
4. Fleeting Sparrow
5. Tending The Geese
6. Home In The Woods
7. Green Forest Waltz
8. Headache Polka
9. Wishing Well Waltz
10. Cuckoo Bird Polka
11. Raindrops Waltz
12. Mother Someone's Knocking
13. Lilies In The Moonlight
14. Violins Play For Me Polka
15. Johnny Is Not For Me
16. You My Darling Girlies
17. Falling Leaves Waltz
18. Singing Birds Polka
19. Cherry Tree Waltz
20. Good Night Waltz
21. Climbing The Hill
22. By The Window Waltz
23. White Dress Waltz
24. On The Lakeshore
25. Whispering Nutmeg Tree
26. Little White Cottage
27. Dark Forest Waltz
28. Fragrant Roses Waltz
Artist: Marisha Data

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