Sinchak - 16 Polkas

Cleveland Style Polkas with Del Sinchak!

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“16 Polkas” with Del Sinchak In Memory of Bob “Spree” Smrecansky on this CD album. This CD album contains many favorites of Spree who was the drummer with Del Sinchak for 66 years. Check out this CD today!

Track Listing:

1. Hello
2. Mimi
3. Let the Sunshine In
4. Who the Hell Is Johnny
5. Mozart’s Polka
6. Thanks To My Wife I’m A Bum
7. Oh Johnny
8. Johnny Johnny
9. L.A. Oberek
10. Julida Polka
11. By Myself
12. If You Like Polkas
13. Springtime Polka
14. Ole! Ole! Ole!
15. Chocolate Soda, North South East West
16. Yak Sa Mas
Artist: Del Sinchak