Sinchak - Our 24 Favorite Waltzes

Del Sinchak performs their 24 Favorite Waltzes!

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Grammy® Nominated Del Sinchak has been performing the music for years. His style centers on the Cleveland Style of Polkas. Check out this CD today!

This CD features 24 waltzes with Del Sinchak.

Track listing:

1. Waltz of the Angels
2. Waltz across Texas
3. Yankovic Waltz Medley
4. European Waltz
5. I'm Sorry Waltz
6. Sunflower Waltz
7. Alone Again
8. This Night Is Made for Making Love
9. I Like the Way You Walk
10. Jackie's Waltz
11. Smile Sweetheart Smile
12. Kuzman's Waltz
13. Let Me Call You Sweetheart
14. Slavic Lullaby Waltz
15. A Waltz for Millie
16. Agnes Waltz
17. Vadnal Waltz
18. White Roses Waltz
19. Evie's Waltz
20. Kukavica
21. I Am Black
22. The Girl Who Lived Next Door
23. Simcic's Waltz
24. Sinchak's Waltz
Artist: Del Sinchak