Sturr - A Tribute to The Legends of Polka Music

Jimmy Sturr and His Orchestra play great classic Polish American Eastern Style Music!

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This CD speaks volumes about the years of music with Jimmy Sturr and His Orchestra. These 24 song played by Jimmy Sturr and His Orchestra feature music of some of the greats including: Ray Budzilek, Larry Chesky, Connecticut Twins, Ray Henry, Joe Resetar, Joe Rock, Walt Solek, Al Soyka, Gene Wisniewski, Bernie Witkowski, Frank Wojnarowski, and Frankie Yankovic. Guest vocalists include: Willie Nelson and Walt Solek.

For decades Jimmy Sturr and His Orchestra have performed throughout the USA and abroad. This CD is truly the heart and soul of what this band has done through the years. Jimmy Sturr grew up with this style of music and he is performing what he knows best! Quality Eastern Style Polish American polka music! highly recommends this CD. It is like purchasing two CDs for the price of one!

Track Listing:

1. Blue Star Polka
2. Krakow Bridge Polka
3. Celebration Polka
4. Ferris Wheel Oberek
5. In One Year Polka
6. Lawn Party Polka
7. Bad Joe Polka
8. Speedline Polka
9. Saturday Night Polka
10. Iron Casket Oberek
11. Jersey Polka
12. Carpenter Polka
13. Pulaski Highway
14. Just Because
15. Laura’s Oberek
16. My Pop Polka
17. Mother’s Tears Waltz
18. Ja Cie Kocham Polka
19. Dark Forest Polka
20. O Suzanna Polka
21. Karliku Polka
22. Snappy Time Oberek
23. Miles of Smiles Polka
24. Bells Polka
Artist: Jimmy Sturr and his Orchestra