Winard - The All Time Great Polkas

The All Time Great Polkas with Jeff Winard from Milwaukee, Wisconsin!

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The “All Time Great Polkas” captures the most popular and recognized polkas and waltzes as previously recorded by Jeff Winard. Due to the fact that most of these recordings are no longer available, and as there have been requests for recordings of these popular songs, Jeff Winard presents them once again in this brand new, digitally remastered compilation on one CD.

The concept of this release was originally used by Frankie Yankovic on Columbia Records, hence the recreation of that original album cover with Jeff Winard and some of the musicians on these recordings. Pictured with Jeff are Grant Kozera on accordion, Eric Noltkamper on banjo, and Mel Brown on piano. Pictured on the string bass is Pete Rogan, the original bass player on the Yankovic album. Pete was considered the finest, and created a style all his own – often copied, but never duplicated. Pete passed away in February 2014. Pete was left in the picture as a remembrance.

This collection of 20 songs will provide you with Polka’s biggest hits all in one package. Check out this CD today!

Other guest musicians include: David Austin, Tom Brusky, Craig Ebel, Hank Guzel, Mark Habat, Christine Hibbs, Scott Koehn, Nancy Noltkamper, Cliff Penniston, and Dale Stelzer.

Track Listing:

1. Beer Barrel Polka
2. In Heaven There Is No Beer
3. Rain Rain Polka
4. Blue Skirt Waltz
5. Pennsylvania Polka
6. Julayda Polka
7. I Love To Polka (Red Raven Polka)
8. We Left Our Wives At Home
9. Helena Polka
10. Just Another Polka
11. Just Because
12. Cleveland The Polka Town
13. A Night In May
14. Red Lips and Red Wine
15. Hoop-Dee-Doo
16. Tic Toc Polka
17. Take Me Baby Polka
18. Bar Room Polka
19. German Waltz Medley
20. Ei-Ei-Ei-O (Café Polka)
Artist: Jeff Winard