Adam Sandhurst and the Jolly Jammers - Going Back to My Homeland

Adam and the Jolly Jammers featuring Adam Sandhurst on Concertina!

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Adam Sandhurst comes from a long line of polka music in the Dutchmen Style. Adam plays a fine concertina and leads the Jolly Jammers. Check out this CD today!

Tracks include:

1. Going Back to My Homeland Waltz
2. Blackjack Polka
3. Wisconsin Dutchmen Waltz
4. Nano Nano Polka
5. Does Your Heart Beat For Me
6. I Love You Waltz
7. Two Canaries Polka
8. Stillwater Hoolerie Waltz
9. White Horse Polka
10. Harbor Lights
11. Polka Day Polka
12. Tijuana Taxi
13. Aber Dich Waltz
14. Red Bird Hoolerie
15. Dutch Treat Waltz
16. When My Blue Moon Turns to Gold Again
17. Crackerjack Polka
18. Overshoe Laendler
19. Barnswallow Polka
20. Blossom Waltz
Artist: Adam Sandhurst and the Jolly Jammers