Adam Sandhurst and the Jolly Jammers - Memories are Precious

Adam and the Jolly Jammers featuring Adam Sandhurst on Concertina!

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Adam Sandhurst comes from a long line of polka music in the Dutchmen Style. Adam plays a fine concertina and leads the Jolly Jammers. Check out this CD today!

Special Guest on this CD is Cory Miller with a concertina duet on Circling Pigeons Laendler.

Tracks include:

1. Memories are Precious Waltz
2. Pilsen Polka
3. Beloved Be Faithful Waltz
4. Susie Polka
5. Sweet Nearness of You (Joey Miskulin)
6. Fritzie Polka
7. Koster Waltz
8. Nebraska Polka
9. Circling Pigeons Laendler
10. Vienna Forever March
11. Red Raven Waltz
12. Skip Polka
13. Foundling Waltz
14. Grasshopper Polka
15. King of the Road
16. Champagne Polka
17. Why Polka
18. Clairene Waltz
19. Rainbow Valley Hoolerie Polka
20. Dizzy Chap Polka
Artist: Adam Sandhurst and the Jolly Jammers