All Time Great Polka Singers

This album features some of the great classic singers of polka music including: Regina Kujawa, Gene Wisniewski, Frank Wojnarowski, and Teresa Zapolska along with the Jimmy Sturr and Larry Chesky Orchestras

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Several members of International Polka Music Hall of Fame® are on this album including: Larry Chesky, Jimmy Sturr, Gene Wisniewski, Frank Wojnarowski, and Teresa Zapolska. This album features mainly the Big Band Eastern Style Polish American polka music! Don’t pass these classic polkas! Look for other albums by these artists on


Track listing:


1. Hammer & Hoe Polka-Teresa Zapolska & Frank Wojnarowski
2. Near Krakow Oberek-Teresa Zapolska
3. Sparks of Fire Polka-Regina Kujawa
4. Young Fellow Polka-Regina Kujawa
5. Somewhere My Love-Regina Kujawa
6. My Sophie Polka-Frank Wojnarowski
7. Mountaineer Polka-Frank Wojnarowski
8. Hulala Polka-Frank Wojnarowski
9. My Girl Oberek-Frank Wojnarowski
10. Happy Sophie Polka-Gene Wisniewski
11. U.S.A. Oberek-Gene Wisniewski
12. Miniskirt Polka-Gene Wisniewski
13. Matka WaltzTeresa Zapolska
14. Cavalier Polka-Frank Wojnarowski

Artist: Jimmy Sturr, Larry Chesky, Regina Kukia, Gene Wisniewski, Frank Wojnarowski, and Teresa Zapolska