Badinov with Randy Krajewski - Manifesto

Creative Polish American Push Style Polkas with super talented Randy Krajewski and Badinov!

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Randy Krajewski and Badinov present their CD “Manifesto”. Randy Krajewski composed many songs for this CD and has been performing polkas for decades in the Toledo, OH area and beyond. Check out this CD today!

Musicians include: Matt Gury, Randy Krajewski, Jimmy Mackiewicz, Jr., Andrew Pawlak, and Jimmy Rutkowski

Special Guests include: Rich Benkowski, Eddie Biegaj, Ken Haas, Kayleigh Moates, Ron Oswanski, Jr., and Mark Ulinski

Track listing:

1. Hear and Now
2. Kuszwanc Stomp
3. Accordion Man
4. Stanley’s Market Oberek
5. John and Katie’s
6. Morgan Raye
7. Hosa Horasa
8. Oj Jej Jasienku Oberek
9. Matka’s Waltz Medley
10. Daddy’s Troubles
11. Wow
12. The Gift of Life (Lisa’s Song)
13. One for the Road
14. Hear and Now (Alternate Mix)
Artist: Randy Krajewski and Badinov