Blazonczyk, Eddie - It's Our 25th Anniversary

Member of the International Polka Music Hall of Fame®, Grammy® Award winning artist, Polish American Push Style Polkas

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Track Listing:


1. All the Flowers Polka
2. Goodbye, She’s Gone Polka
3. I Want Some Lovin’ Polka
4. Tri Town Polka
5. Goodbye, Goodbye, Goodbye Waltz
6. The Thing You Gave Me Polka
7. Lovin’ Feeling Polka
8. Knock, Knock, Guess Who’s Here Polka
9. Good to Be Back Polka
10. Going to Town Oberek
11. Hop Sa Sa Polka
12. Everybody’s Talkin’ Polka
13. I’ll send you a Letter Waltz
14. Kiss Me I’m Polish Polka

Artist: Eddie Blazonczyk's Versatones