Crusade - Medley'Itis

Polish American Polkas with a twist and Crusade!

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Crusade plays some hot polkas on this CD! There are 2 Long Medleys on this CD paying tribute to Happy Louie and The Naturals. Check out this CD today. recommends this CD!

Track Listing:

A Happy Medley

1. Clock on the Wall
2. Oj Dana
3. Papalucci
4. Bella Mari
5. Siupaj Di
6. Jak Sie Masz
7. Love and Peace
8. Good Luck
9. North Shore

It's Only Natural

1. Live It Up
2. Mini Skirt
3. Girl to Love
4. Kiss
5. Hey Boys
6. End of the World
7. Lucky Hunter
8. Sock It to Me
9. Wedding
10. Why Me
11. Whatcha' Hidin'
12. Bottoms Up
Artist: Crusade