Grandovic - A Tribute To Benzy Rathbone

Slovenian Polkas & Waltzes arranged and orchestrated by Tony Grandovic with several guests including: Fred Gregorich, Alex Meixner, Ron Pivovar and more

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Track listing:


1. Amazing Grace
2. LT’s Polka for Benzy’s Friend Lou Trebar
3. Benzy’s Bounce
4. The Evening Waltz
5. Ranch House Polka
6. Mr. Button Polka
7. Benjie’s Waltz
8. Bonzo and Lu’s Polka
9. Rupnik’s Polka
10. Midnight Bells Waltz
11. Big Splash Polka
12. Frank and Erma’s Waltz
13. Under The Double Eagle Polka
14. Golden Heart Waltz
15. Hong Kong Polka
16. Good-bye Waltz
17. Mom and Dad’s Polka
18. Albin’s Waltz
19. Small Fry’s Polka

Artist: Tony Grandovic