Jaworski, John - Songs with Polish Spirit

John Jaworski and The Keynotes direct from Chicago!

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John Jaworski and The Keynotes direct from Chicago. John Jaworski is known for his Polish singing. Check out this CD today!

Track listing:

1. Army Polka
2. Sitting at the Well Kujawiak
3. None Do I Care For
4. Sheep Are Coming
5. I'll Marry You
6. Hupaj Siupaj Polka
7. Waltz Medley
8. Nightingale Polka
9. Waterfalls Waltz
10. Tending the Geese Polka
11. In Rzeszow Polka
12. Young Lover Polka
13. Bald Mountain Oberek
14. Rosemary Polka
15. Lonely Traveler Waltz
16. In the Summertime Slovak Melody
17. Wawel Castle Krakowiak
18. Old Willow Waltz
19. Farewell Polka
20. Little Bridge Oberek
Artist: John Jaworski and The Keynotes