Jaworski, Walt and Eddie Olinski - Two Guys From Buffalo

Walt Jaworski and Eddie Olinski - Two Guys from Buffalo!

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Two former LPs now on one CD. "Two Guys from Buffalo" featuring Walt Jaworski and Eddie Olinski. Check out this CD today!

Track Listing:

Walt Jaworski

1. Lift Lackawanna Polka
2. Little Lulu Rhinelander
3. Buffalo Polka
4. Ruda's Oberek
5. Five Cent Glass of Beer Polka
6. Mruk Polka

Eddie Olinski

7. Bruno's Polka
8. Kiss Oberek
9. Skinny Wally Rhinelander
10. 7 and 7 Oberek
11. Krakowiak Polka
12. Eddy O Polka
13. Black Stick Polka
14. Drunkard's Lament Polka
15. Buffalo Rhinelander
16. Woodman Oberek
17. Money Maker Polka
18. Under Krakow Oberek
19. Merit Polka
20. Golden Wedding Oberek
21. Chocolate Soda Polka
22. Hip Skip Rhinelander
23. Sweet Maryann Oberek
24. Old Witch Polka
Artist: Walt Jaworski and Eddie Olinski