Kaminski - Christmas - A Koledy Evening with Stephen Kaminski

Featuring Instrumental Polish Christmas Carol Favorites!

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Stephen Kaminski is a highly talented musician that has worked with some of the great polka bands including the Jimmy Sturr Orchestra, Jan Lewan, and Charm City Sound. This CD features Stephen Kaminski and his saxophone playing Polish Christmas Carol Favorites in a high quality fashion. Don’t pass this fine Christmas CD today!

Track listing:

1. They Hastened to Bethlehem
2. Today in Bethlehem
3. Beautiful Young Lady
4. The Shepherd's Mill
5. When the Beautiful Virgin
6. Silent Night
7. Welcome Gwiazdko Gold
8. Wise Men of the World
9. Lullaby to Jesus
10. Let's All Go to The Stable
11. From the High Heavens
12. Some Gifts
Artist: Stephen Kaminski