Jolly Rich - Star Struck

Polish American Polkas with Jolly Rich!

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Jolly Rich and the Polka Stars perform on this CD. Classic and contemporary Polish American Polkas are performed throughout this CD. Check out the Jolly Rich.

Track listing:

1. Always Thinking of You
2. No One More
3. Merry Go Round
4. Just like All the Other Times
5. Peasant Oberek
6. All the Girls
7. Mary's Knocking
8. The Boxer
9. My Only Loves
10. Zip Zip
11. Broken Hearted Waltz
12. My Life’s been A Pleasure
13. Blue Moon Turns to Gold
14. Would Ya?
15. Good Old Days
16. Left Handed Oberek
17. Mary and Her Golabki
18. Picnic
19. Moonlight
20. You Are My Sweetheart Now
Artist: Jolly Rich and the Polka Stars