Lorain Slovenian Button Accordionists - Down Home Polkas and Waltzes Slovenian Style

Slovenian Style Button Accordion Music!

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“Down Home Polkas and Waltzes Slovenian Style” is the title of this CD album recently reissued featuring The Lorain Slovenian Button Accordionists. There is many fine button accordion featured tunes on this CD originally released in 1982. Check out this CD today!

Track Listing:

1. SNPJ Polka
2. Cingel, Congel Polka
3. My Father has Two Horses Waltz
4. Nan and Heidi’s Polka
5. Under the Table Polka
6. Helvak’s Waltz
7. Vipavska Polka
8. Big Cy’s Polka
9. Hey! Marie Polka
10. Ljubljan’ca Polka
11. Lisicka Waltz
12. H and Mary’s Polka
13. Soca Voda Polka
14. Waltz of the Grapes
15. Big Splash Polka

Artist: The Lorain Slovenian Button Accordion Accordionists