Mahoning Valley Button Box Club - Everyone's Choice, Volume III

The Mahoning Valley Button Box Club performs on their Diatonic Button Box Accordions!

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The Mahoning Valley Button Box Club plays “Everyone’s Choice”. Here is Volume 3 on this CD. Check out this CD today!

Track Listing:

1. Chicagoland Twirl Polka
2. Skyline Waltz
3. My Little Girl Polka
4. My Homeland Waltz
5. Trumpet Echo Polka
6. Roseland Waltz
7. Slovenian Polka Medley
8. Edelweiss Waltz
9. Sugarcreek Polka
10. American Waltz Medley
11. Franny's Polka
12. Dreaming Waltz
13. I Want Some Lovin' Polka
14. On Lake Slivniskem Waltz
15. Three To The Left Polka
16. Slavcek Waltz
17. Last Night Polka
18. Blue Adriatic/If I Had My Way Waltz
19. Little Falls Polka
20.Tam Na Vrtni/Dekle Waltz
21. Green Wienie Polka
22. After All These Years Waltz
23. Tri Deset Polka
24. Whispering Hope/Button Box Times Waltz
Artist: The Mahoning Valley Button Box Club