Mahoning Valley Button Box Club - Everyone's Choice, Volumes I and II

The Mahoning Valley Button Box Club performs on their Diatonic Button Box Accordions!

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The Mahoning Valley Button Box Club plays “Everyone’s Choice”. Here are Volumes 1 and 2 on one CD. Check out this CD today!

Track Listing:

1. Mahoning Valley Polka
2. Tin On Brass
3. Kovach's Waltz
4. Roadside Polka
5. Augustine Waltz
6. Youngstown Slovak Polka
7. Jerina's Hey Polka
8. Silk Umbrella Polka
9. Te Pa Tikov Vredi
10. Lolly's Waltz
11. Kamnik Polka
12. Slovenian Picnic Waltz
13. W.P.A. Polka
14. Lee & Ann's Polka
15. Peppy's Granish Hall Polka
16. Tam u Dolu / Gor Cez Jezero Waltz
17. Rosario Waltz
18. Oh What You Do to Me Polka
19. Herkulovi Waltz
20. Bobby's Polka
21. Slovenian Medley
22. Gornik's Polka
23. Wish Me A Rainbow
24. If You'll Come Back Waltz
25. H and Mary's Polka
26. Otto's Waltz
27. Although You Say We're Through
28. Croatian Medley
Artist: The Mahoning Valley Button Box Club

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