LynnMarie - The Polka Record

Jammin' cutting edge button box accordion polkas!

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This is a Grammy® nominated CD album

LynnMarie has traveled the country playing music for years. LynnMarie grew up in Cleveland, and currently resides in Nashville. LynnMarie has been part of the cutting edge polka music! Many of her creative compositions as well as her button box playing should be noted.


Track listing:


1. Cleveland, the Polka Town
2. Never Ending Song of Love
3. The Pennsylvania Polka
4. Rink-e-dink Polka
5. The Beer Barrel Polka
6. My Melody of Love Polka
7. Tiny Tot Medley
8. Who Stole the Kishka
9. The Bar Room Polka
10. Hooked on a Feeling
11. Hoop-Dee-Doo
12. She Likes It That Way
13. Partial Polka

Artist: LynnMarie