Fedorchak - The Rest of The Best of The Joe Fedorchak Orchestra

International Polka Music Hall of Fame® Joe Fedorchak playing fine Cleveland Style Polkas & Waltzes. With this CD album, all Joe Fedorchak music is now on compact disc

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Track listing:


1. It’s Getting Dusk Polka
2. Goodtimes Polka
3. Juniors Waltz
4. Gobely’s Button Box Polka Medley
5. I Knew From the Start Polka
6. Payroll Polka
7. Mocilnikar’s Polka
8. Quatro’s Polka
9. Avon Polka
10. Kelley Renee Waltz
11. Don’s Polka
12. Pecon Polka Medley
13. Big O’s Polka
14. Penn Hills Polka
15. Michaels Polka
16. Heney’s Polka
17. Teenie’s Polka
18. Matilda (Fiumara’s) Polka

Artist: Joe Fedorchak