Grandovic - An Encore Tribute to Benzy Rathbone

Tony Grandovic and Friends play an Instrumental Tribute to Benzy Rathbone!

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Tony Grandovic and Friends present “An Encore Tribute to Benzy Rathbone”. This CD follows the first tribute CD to Benzy Rathbone which has been very popular. There is some fine musicianship throughout this CD! Enjoy!

Track listing:

1. Narration: Mona Lisa
2. Demsher’s Polka
3. Pee Wee’s Polka
4. Continental Umbrella Waltz
5. Puleio’s Polka
6. Oh, Johnny Johnny Polka
7. Doc’s Polka
8. Blooming Tulips Waltz
9. Little Falls Polka
10. Goobers Polka
11. Slip and Slide Polka
12. The Beautiful Mountains Waltz
13. Zip Polka
14. Strollin’ Eddie’s Polka
15. Janet’s Waltz
16. Brika’s Polka
17. Michael’s Polka
18. Among the People Waltz
19. Mountain View Polka
20. Mona Lisa Instrumental
Artist: Tony Grandovic and Friends

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