Fedorchak - The Best of The Joe Fedorchak Orchestra

Cleveland Style Polkas with accordion and button box accordion International Polka Music Hall of Fame®

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Track Listing:


1. Hammer Hank’s Polka
2. Blaze’s Waltz
3. Clap Hands Polka
4. Whistling Through The Pines Waltz
5. Waddling Duck Polka
6. When The Moon Shines Waltz
7. Majka’s Waltz (Mothers Waltz)
8. Kumik’s Waltz
9. Wait For Jake Polka
10. Squeezer’s Polka
11. Helvak’s Waltz
12. Waltz of the Grapes
13. 1081 Polka1
14. Garchar’s Polka Medley
15. Carousel Waltz
16. Where’s Johnny Polka
17. Little Slugger’s Polka
18. Tomazic’s Polka
19. Coppernail Polka
20. Orphan Waltz
21. Blue Lady Polka
22. Grandpa John’s Polka
23. Lillies in the Moonlight Waltz
24. Hambone Habat Polka
25. Cheek to Cheek Waltz
26. Jodie’s Waltz
27. Tribute to Pecon Polka Medley

Artist: Joe Fedorchak