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Polish American Polkas

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Track listing:


1. Sing about the Good Times Polka
2. Strolling Sisters Polka
3. Stick-A-Lick Polka
4. Three Buddies Polka
5. Fast Lane Oberek
6. Tup Tup Polka
7. Barnum Fest Polka
8. Red Hat Polka
9. Hooray for the N.Y. Yankees Polka
10. Tell Me Girl Polka
11. At the Far Side of the Lake Polka
12. Mike and Ray's (aka Steve & Kay's) Polka
13. Take Your Memory with You Polka
14. Hannah Rose Polka
15. Kitten Oberek
16. What'cha Hiding Polka
17. Hard Times Polka
18. My Little Angel Waltz
19. Special Girl Polka

Artist: Dennis Polisky & The Maestro's Men