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Polish American Polkas

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Track listing:


1. From The Far Shore Polka
2. Clarinet Polka
3. I Know I’m losing You Polka
4. Easy Boy Polka
5. Three Ladies Oberek
6. Jolly Caballero Polka
7. When I Was Marching Polka
8. Eleanora Polka
9. At The Well Oberek
10. Rozalinka Polka
11. Richie’s Medley Polka
12. Howies Oberek
13. Chelsea Hop Polka
14. All Girl Orchestra Waltz
15. Hot Peppers Polka
16. Whistling At the Girls Polka
17. Looking Back Polka
18. Just for Fun Polka

Artist: Dennis Polisky & The Maestro's Men