McGuire, Bob "Mad Dog" - The Music and Humor of Bob "Mad Dog" McGuire

The Music and Humor Bob "Mad Dog" McGuire!

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“The Music and Humor of Bob “Mad Dog” McGuire. This CD contains a Mix of Humor, Ballads, Latin, Ballroom, Country, An Irish Song and A Christmas Song. Bob “Mad Dog” McGuire is “The Guy Who Wrote ‘Moon Over Parma’”. Drew Carey heard “Moon Over Parma” and then it was picked up by Warner Brothers. In addition, Bob “Mad Dog” McGuire performed with Polka Legends Eddie Habat and Kenny Bass. This entire CD is the original music of Bob “Mad Dog” McGuire. Check out this CD today!

Tracks include:

01. You Have Broken Every Bone in My Heart
02. Barrels on The Highway
03. Half of The Closets
04. The Way I Need You

05. Christmas Time With You
06. OId Friend
07. The Wonder of You

08. Sassy Nova
09. Just Another Rhumba
10. Saturday Samba

11. These Times With You
12. Those Good Old Songs
13. Until the Next Time
14. Basie Blues

15. Strangers Once Again
16. Long Time Gone
17. It’s Been So Long
18. Candy Girl
19. How Could I Leave Her Behind

20. Banjo Man
21. Just 2 Be with You Today
22. Aurora Rag
23. It’s Never Easy

Artist: Bob "Mad Dog" McGuire