Meisner, Steve - A Meisner Mini Concert - 2 CD Set

2 CD set recorded Live!

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Track listing:

Double CD Box Set

Recorded Live-In-Person at the Springdale Inn, Waukesha, WI

Disc 1
1. Quick Stop Polka
2. Let's Have A Party
3. Susie Waltz
4. Joanie's Melody
5. Won't You All Come Dance With Me Polka
6. Minnesota Rose Polka
7. My Adobe Hacienda
8. All My X's Live In Texas
9. Guitars & Cadillacs
10. Across The Plains Polka
11. Arcade Avenue Polka
12. Big O's Polka
13. Sailock's Polka
14. Mozarts Polka
15. Rosalinda Waltz

Disc 2
1. Vagabond Waltz
2. Give Back My Heart Waltz
3. City Hall Polka
4. Newberry Polka
5. Slovenian Home Polka
6. Tear In My Beer
7. Sentimental Old You
8. Kramers Polka
9. Joanna Polka
10. Right To Be Wrong
11. The Key's In The Mailbox
12. Sweet Georgia Brown
13. You Call Everybody Darling Polka
14. We Don't Wanna Go Home Polka (Medley)

Artist: Steve Meisner

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