Meixner, Al and Alex - Slovenian Gold / Button Box Dynamite

Slovenian and Button Box Accordion favorites with the Meixners

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Track listing:


1. Slovenian Gold Polka
2. White Swan Waltz
3. Three Peaks Polka
4. Cradle Song Waltz
5. Grapevine Polka
6. Long Live Our Homeland Waltz
7. Heavy Hitters’ Polka
8. Progresso Polka
9. Krajnska Polka
10. Soon I’ll return Waltz
11. Morning in the Mountains Polka
12. I Love You More Than Anything
13. Westview Polka
14. Friends for Life Polka
15. Beloved, Be Faithful Waltz
16. Screwy’s Polka
17. Cinco De Mayo Polka
18. Renwood Waltz
19. Cheers to Y’all Polka
20. Scheffy’s Polka
21. Our Hometown Polka
22. Norwegian Seaman Waltz
23. Polka Pearl
24. Mountain World Polka
25. Smiling Eyes Waltz
26. Button Box Dynamite Polka

Artist: Al Meixner Trio & Alex Meixner