New Brass Express - Never Let Me Go

Fine CD with the New Brass Express direct from Michigan!

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The New Brass Express from Michigan play Push Style Polkas. This is their fourth CD as the New Brass Express under the direction of Mr. Darrell Weltin. Some of the best musicians from Michigan are on this CD. recommends this CD for your Polish American Push Style Polka Collection!

Special Guest Vocalists include: Dawn Rosinski and Lenny Longuski

Tracks include:

1. Never Let Me Go
2. Lush Medley
3. Ballad of a Lonely Man
4. On Our Wedding Day
5. Sweetest of All Oberek
6. Pojedziemy Na Low
7. Till I See You
8. One More Time
9. Roseanne
10. Nobody's Darlin' Waltz
11. Gold Digger
12. All You Ever Do is Bring Me Down
13. The Next Time We're in Town
Artist: New Brass Express