Ostanek and Kravos - Instrumentally Yours

Cleveland Style Polkas, Three Time Grammy® Winner, Canada's Polka King Walter Ostanek joins USA's Bob Kravos on this CD album

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Track listing:


1. Andy's Jolly Hop Polka
2. Euclid Vet's Polka
3. Carol's Waltz
4. Rolling Rock Polka
5. Jingle Tingle Polka
6. Felicia's Waltz
7. Ohio Polka
8. Cheer Up Sweetheart Waltz
9. The Page Polka
10. Venetian Waltz
11. Flutophone Polka
12. Linda's Lullaby Waltz
13. Oh Marie Polka
14. Accordion Man Waltz
15. Chicagoland Twirl Polka
16. Cocktail Waltz

Artist: Walter Ostanek and Bob Kravos