Ostanek and Kravos - Together Again

Cleveland Style Polkas with special guests Dick Contino, Myron Floren, Denis Novato and Frank Yankovic

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Track listing:


1. Fleet Avenue Polka
2. Happy Minute Polka
3. Harbor Waltz
4. Katy’s Polka
5. Clarene Waltz
6. Just Because Polka with Frank Yankovic
7. Shanty Polka
8. Remember Dear Waltz
9. Iron Range Polka
10. Twilight Time with Dick Contino
11. My Sweetheart Polka
12. Pony Tail Polka
13. Summernight Waltz
14. Jolly Polka
15. Champagne Polka with Myron Floren
16. Valley Spring Polka
17. Peg of My Heart with Dick Contino
18. Always Happy Polka
19. Red Lips and Red Wine Polka
20. Memories with Denis Novato
21. Helen Polka with Myron Floren
22. Vadnal Waltz
23. Sheboygan Polka
24. Beautiful Rose Waltz
25. Tick Tock Polka with Frank Yankovic

Artist: Walter Ostanek and Bob Kravos