Penn-Ohio Polka Pals - Diamond Anniversary Edition

The Penn-Ohio Polka Pals with Many Artists Performing Favorites!

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The Penn-Ohio Polka Pals is an organization of the bands playing music from Pennsylvania and Ohio. 21 different songs with 21 different artists on this CD Celebrating 30 Years of Polka Music! Don’t pass the Penn-Ohio Polka Pals on this CD.

Track Listing:

1. Smile, Sing a Song-Jack Tady
2. Wally & Andy's Polka-Trontel/Zagger Orchestra
3. Old Oklahoma Waltz-Jack Vasko & Co.
4. Old Country Oberek-Joe Matczak Orchestra
5. Uncle Nick's-John Lapinski
6. Uncle Lou's-Mike Caggiano & Johnny Six Pack
7. Our Alexis Waltz-Eddie Vallus Band II
8. So Many Times-Wayne Tomsic Combo
9. Hi-Fi Polka-Rex Taneri Orchestra
10. Mala Femmena-Gloria Jean & Friends
11. What's It Gonna Take-Al-Ray Combo
12. Goji Juice Polka-Ron “Austie” Austalosh
13. L.A. Oberek-Del Sinchak
14. Eins, Zwei, Drei, Vier-1-2-3-4 Polka-Del Rezek
15. Jump River Polka-Mahoning Valley Button Box Club
16. Small World Polka-Bill Bevek Band
17. Minnesota Rose-Mayor Eli Sainovich & Friends
18. Should Have Stayed Single Oberek-Raytones
19. Ya Som Mika-Libby
20. Pittsburgh Polka-Sam Pugliano
21. Tribute to Our Armed Forces & Veterans-Al Hreno Orchestra
Artist: Penn-Ohio Polka Pals