Polka Country Musicians - Back in Town

International Polka Music Hall of Fame® Wally Dombrowski and the Polka Country Musicians!

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The Polka Country Musicians continue pumping out quality power packed Push Style polka music. Rich and Wally Dombrowski, leaders of the Polka Country Musicians, have lived this music for decades. The heritage is event as is a contemporary edge to their sound. Don’t pass the Polka Country Musicians!

Track Listing:

1. Back in Town
2. Shirley Jean
3. A Better Man
4. Two Beers Away Oberek
5. Dreamin'
6. Oj Mamo Mamo
7. Lovesick
8. Next to You, Next to Me
9. Under the Bridge
10. Down At the Twist and Shout
11. Wiwat Wiwat
12. What God Has Joined Together
13. The Last Waltz
14. Time for Me to Fly
Artist: Polka Country Musicians