Roberts, Brian - Polkas from an Undisclosed Location

All Instrumental Music with Brian Roberts - Bohemian Style!

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Who is Brian Roberts? Brian Roberts is the alter ego of Jim Pekol. Jim Pekol is a very talented musician and plays most instruments on this fine CD. Jim Pekol plays trumpets, clarinets, saxes, piano, and drums. Ted Goeden plays the tuba. This music is performed in the Bohemian Style from Central and Eastern Wisconsin of Romy Gosz, Gene Heier, Don Schlies, Greiner Brothers, Jerry Goetsch, and Rudy Plocar. Check out this All Instrumental CD today! We are impressed at!

Track listing:

Track Listing:

1. Matilda Polka
2. At the Green Gate Polka
3. Selsky's Waltz
4. Our Love Polka
5. Don't Give Up Polka
6. Old Bohemian Laendler
7. Hill and Dale Polka
8. Rib Mountain Polka
9. In Good Humor Laendler
10. Divorced Polka
11. Quiet Hour Polka
12. Laendler #30
13. Who's Going to Love You Polka
14. Peanuts Laendler
15. In the Dark Polka
16. Kiss Polka
17. Loving Couple Polka
Artist: Brian Roberts