Something for Everyone

A fine mix of Cleveland Style Polkas with many excellent artists performing!

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This CD is full of many performers that continue to keep Cleveland Style polkas hoppin’ throughout the US and beyond. Check out this fine representation of some of the hits. “Something for Everyone” will surely please many.


Track Listing:


1. Castle Rock Polka
2. Give Back my Heart Waltz
3. Dream Train Polka
4. Plovi Plovi Waltz
5. Julida Polka
6. Put Me in Your Heart Waltz
7. Red Raven Polka
8. Slovenia Waltz
9. Slovenian Polka Medley
10. Nasvidenje Waltz
11. Minnesota Rose Polka
12. Green Valley Waltz
13. Dupan’s Polka
14. If I Could Have My Way Waltz
15. El Rancho Grande Polka
16. St. Bernard’s Waltz
17. Café Polka (Ee I Ee I Oh)

Artist: Bob Kravos, David Austin, Joe Bajuk, Walter Ostanek, Fred Ziwich, Jeff Winard, and more