Special Delivery - Lock, Stock, and Barrel

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Special Delivery presents their latest CD album entitled "Lock, Stock, and Barrel”. This CD contains “a unique blend of Polish American polkas, waltzes, and obereks derived from traditional Polish folk melodies, American classics, and tasteful original compositions”. Don't pass this CD today!

Track Listing:

1. How Do You Do?
2. Bring Back the Waltzes
3. There in the Tatras
4. Skinny Dipping
5. Seems Like Yesterday
6. Hop Cuik Oberek
7. I’d Love You to Want Me
8. Johnny’s Breakup
9. Yesterday’s Gone
10. Young Wife Oberek
11. It’s Good to See You
12. 671 Polka Rhapsody
13. The Highlander Waltz
14. Too Fat
15. Mamie on the Bicycle

Artist: Special Delivery