Stavins - Polka Bonanza!

Fantastic Big Band Eastern Style Polkas with Bobby Stavins and His Orchestra!

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Amazing Classic Polkas with the outstanding sounds of Bobby Stavins and His Orchestra are on this CD. We at are highly impressed with this re-released CD with Bobby Stavins containing two former LPs. Don’t pass this excellent CD today!

Track listing:

1. Bonanza Polka
2. Pauline’s Polka
3. Grand Oberek
4. Jericho Polka
5. Swambo Babo Polka
6. Polkaholics Polka
7. West Side Polka
8. Hi Fly Polka
9. Freepoint Oberek
10. Budapest Express Polka
11. Twilight Oberek
12. Toni’s Polka
13. Duck Hunting Polka
14. Leaving For The Service Polka
15. Seven Days and Seven Nights Polka
16. We Should Have Stayed Single Oberek
17. Going To The Front Polka
18. Maryszka Moya Polka
19. Lucky Stop Waltz
20. Two For The Money Polka
21. Happy Birthday Polka
22. Chubby Mama Oberek
Artist: Bobby Stavins and His Orchestra