Steel City Brass - Polish Picnic Favorites

Polish Picnic Favorites with the Steel City Brass!

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The Steel City Brass comes to us from Buffalo, NY. These Polish Picnic Favorites are sure to please many. Check out this CD today!

Track listing:

1. Too Fat Polka
2. Clarinet Polka
3. Where are you going, Wojtus?
4. Red Head
5. Who'd Ya like to Love Ya / Baby Doll
6. Spring in Poland Oberek
7. Apples, Peaches, Pumpkin Pie / Our Favorite Dish
8. Jaka Ta Kara
9. Puka Jasiu / Oj Dana
10. Zosia
11. Ballroom Polka
12. Mary Ann Rhinelander
13. Cavalier / Na Zdrowie
14. Mountaineers Polka
15. Whose Girl Are You?
16. E-I-O
17. Frosty Valley Polka
18. How Quickly Time Flies
Artist: Steel City Brass