Sturr - From the Beginning

Jimmy Sturr and His Orchestra with 2 Classic LPs now on this CD! His first two Albums!

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Jimmy Sturr and His Orchestra with his first 2 LPs now on this CD. "From the Beginning" features Classic Music of Jimmy Sturr and His Orchestra. Check out this CD with Jimmy Sturr and His Orchestra!

Track Listing:

1. Glorious Polka
2. Onion Patch Polka
3. Harvest Time Oberek
4. Polka Night Polka
5. Ballroom Polka
6. Mighty Max Polka
7. Polka With Me Polka
8. Sharpshooters Polka
9. Pine Island Oberek
10. No Beer in Heaven Polka
11. Blue Skies Waltz
12. Polish Festival Polka
13. Oh Those Girls Polka
14. Polka Holiday Polka
15. Antek's Oberek
16. Send 'Em Out Polka
17. Happy Bachelor Polka
18. Schatzie Polka
19. Yutzi Polka
20. By the Tavern Polka
21. Dream Oberek
22. Twinkle Toes Polka
23. Lonely Without You Waltz
24. Kukuleczka Polka
Artist: Jimmy Sturr and his Orchestra