Sturr - Double Magic

Great Polish American Eastern Style Polkas with Jimmy Sturr & His Orchestra-formerly 2 albums now on 1 CD! 24 songs with 17 instrumentals!

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Jimmy Sturr and His Orchestra have been playing the music for decades. Several years ago, Jimmy Sturr and His Orchestra released two albums entitled Clarinet & Accordion Magic Volume 1 & 2 featuring mainly instrumental music in the fine Eastern Style of Polish American Polka Music. Here are both albums now on one CD entitled “Double Magic”! Don’t pass this quality album! It is like buying two albums for the price of one!


Track Listing:


1. Wine, Women & Polka
2. Clarinet Oberek
3. Doodle Dee
4. Atlantic City
5. Gee Bee’s
6. Clarinet Magic
7. Joe, Gene, Dennis Polka
8. Bottoms Up Oberek
9. Jersey Jet
10. Rain Rain
11. Chicago Express
12. Why Not Oberek
13. Happy Artist
14. Farmers Daughter
15. Suki Beans Oberek
16. Hi Dulli
17. Sexy
18. Shave and a Haircut
19. Marilyn
20. Happy Birthday Oberek
21. Piwo
22. Irene
23. Silver Bells Oberek
24. Red Gatki

Artist: Jimmy Sturr and His Orchestra